How to Get Amazing Photos at the Pyramids of Giza

The Pyramids of Giza were on my bucket list for ages…I mean, Egypt as a whole is a serious bucket list destination! Getting to spend  exploring Giza and Cairo was an unforgettable experience. Soaking in the culture and getting a first-hand sight of a place with such a rich and dynamic culture was truly unforgettable.

And the photo ops…oh, the photo ops!

Being able to see the only remaining one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World is such a rare treat. And it’s one that needs to be thoroughly documented!

To get the iconic photos you’re after with the pyramids in the background or smooching the Sphinx, you need to be strategic to get a great shot.

Since it’s a major tourist destination, that means there are usually tourists surrounding… The good news? You can get creative with your angles to take amazing photos—even with the crowds! A few essential tips will allow you to snap amazing photos at the Pyramids of Giza without spending hours searching for the “right” spots.

Ready to say cheese? Here is how to get amazing photos at the Pyramids of Giza.

Helpful Tips for Visiting the Giza Pyramids

Get There Early

This is a key strategy both for avoiding the rush of tourists and beating the sometimes unbearable heat. The gates open at 8 am and there are a lot of perks to being the first one in the door.

Most tour buses arrive around 10 am. I would definitely recommend getting there two hours ahead of time to avoid as many crowds as possible and let yourself time to soak it all in. If you are coming in the summer, getting in before the afternoon heat is so important.

Summer temps can reach 100 degrees F with no shade from the harsh sun so it feels intensely hot, especially when you’re trying to explore and do a lot of walking.

Check out my guide on the best time to visit Egypt so you can see every site at its prime.

Avoid Fridays

Fridays are the holy days in Egypt rather than Sundays. While the Pyramids of Giza are still open on Fridays, they are packed. Pretty much everyone in the Middle East is off work on Fridays so expect things to get seriously crowded.

Be Aware of “Helpers”

There is no way around it, once you are inside the Giza Complex, people are going to be hassling you. If they see you’ve got camera gear, they can get pushy in their attempt to bring you to the best spots for photos. They are just there for a bit of cash and are very unlikely to give useful advice.

Helpful Tip:

Egypt can be a bit of a culture shock, especially if you’ve never visited the Middle East before. Come prepared with my ten tips for your first trip to Egypt.

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