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Why some airline refunds take so long

Why some airline refunds take so long

The cancellation of any vacation is always a difficult one. Delaying a week of poolside paradise due to unforeseen events (like a global pandemic) is never fun. To add to the challenge, it can sometimes take weeks or even months for an airline refund to …

Pyramids, Cairo, Egypt – Tour the Pyramids in Cairo

Pyramids, Cairo, Egypt – Tour the Pyramids in Cairo

Egypt is one of the most mysterious destinations on the planet, and it had been on my bucket list for years! Between the Nile, the Red Sea, Alexandria, Cairo, and pyramids that date back to 2500 BC, there’s so much history and culture to experience. …

6 Places to Visit in Egypt

6 Places to Visit in Egypt

As much as I adore the Egyptian capital, however, it’s far from the only place worth exploring in Egypt. From the shores of the Mediterranean to the sun-soaked desert towns, this North African gem has so much to offer. Alexandria Far from the chaos of …

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tourguidetrip Egyptian Travel Agency and Tour Operator in Egypt, established in Cairo, the capital and heart of Egypt since 1990, we specialize in internal tours that extend from renowned sites to the most secluded regions of Egypt to the beautiful waters of the Red Sea. The Ministry of Tourism recognizes Min Travel under License No. 593 - category (A) as a pioneer member of the Tourist Chamber and the Egyptian Association of official Tour Operators in Egypt. We offer Egypt Guided Tours, Luxury Tours, Land Tours, Nile Cruises, Egypt Day Tours, Shore Excursions & Tour packages to anyone who wants to travel to Egypt on individual or group tours.


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