Hurghada Marina

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Starting from June 2008 Hurghada Marina Boulevard has offered Hurghada city a great opportunity to enjoy the sea breeze in a quiet, amazing place. Hurghada Marina Boulevard offers you a different experience of outings & entertainments, Whatever you’re looking for .. you’ll for sure finds it at the marina. From different venues, lounges, restaurants & bars, you can easily find what will be satisfying for your appetite. add to that the great experience of shopping at the commercial area which you’ll find unique gifts & souvenirs which sure you’re looking to buy for your beloved ones back home. We’ve made sure to present the elegant variety of international kitchens to satisfy your taste & gives you a chance to open up & try new food. The day time you can’t ignore the amazing sea & exciting water & sea activities which you can enjoy with your family & friends. Hurghada Marina Boulevard where the Adventure never ends…

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Hurghada Marina


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